CATTE Resources

CATTE (ChlamydiA Testing Training in Europe) Resources

Public Health England’s (PHE) Primary Care Unit, with partners from Estonia, France and Sweden implemented the CATTE educational intervention to areas of England, Estonia, France and Sweden. The intervention provides trainers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver CATTE to GP staff, which in turn provides GP staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to sustainably increase their chlamydia testing in young people. The CATTE resources, comprising the Train the Trainer (TtT) and the GP staff materials, provide comprehensive and flexible guidance, advice and resources enabling trainers to deliver GP staff educational materials that facilitates increased testing of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), tailored to each country.

These CATTE resources are:

  • Implementation pack: for stakeholders
  • Train the Trainer (TtT) pack: training materials for the trainers of GP staff
  • GP staff materials: training materials for GP staff learners
  • Additional resources: posters, cards, leaflets.

Here we provide all the CATTE resources, that were adapted and implemented in each of the partner countries, plus an implementation pack to enable those interested in to learn more and implement the intervention themselves.


England’s educational intervention developed in partnership, between the PHE Primary Care Unit and the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP), is known as the 3Cs & HIV programme.

More information on 3Cs & HIV

The 3Cs & HIV programme:

  • Provide the ‘3Cs’ offer of a Chlamydia screen, signposting or provision of Contraceptive advice and free Condoms, during routine consultations with young adults (15 – 24 years olds)
  • Deliver HIV testing in adults (≥ 16 years) in line with current clinical guidelines: raising awareness of indicator conditions where HIV testing should be considered and, in high prevalence areas offer a routine HIV test to all new practice registrants

Further information on the 3Cs & HIV programme can be found here; 3Cs & HIV programme home page

Downloadable resources

A statement regarding the 3Cs & HIV materials is available here; 3Cs & HIV statement for materials

3Cs: For Commssioners:2 – Full 3Cs HIV Slide Pitch Presentation – outline of the programme, its background, design, and structure 3 – Short 3Cs HIV Slide Pitch Presentation – outline of the programme, its background, design, and structure

Train the Trainer (TtT) pack:4 – England CATTE Train the Trainer Presentation CATTE Trainer Resource Pack 6 – Trainer guidance for delivery of 3Cs slide set 14 – 3Cs & HIV Programme References 3Cs & HIV Programme Local Trainer Recruitment

GP staff materials:3Cs & HIV Training presentation

3Cs films

  • Film 1 – Nurse offers a 20 year old woman briefing information on contraception, a chlamydia test and condoms (File Size: ) Download
  • Film 2 – GP offers a 17 year old man a chlamydia test and condoms (File size: ) Download
  • Film 3 – Practice receptionist offers a young woman an information card (20s) (File Size: ) Download
  • Film 4 – GP offers 15 year old girl an information card in appointment with her mum (30s) (File Size: ) Download
  • Film 5 – Nurse giving a young woman detailed instructions on how to do a chlamydia test. (File Size: ) Download
  • 3Cs & HIV Film Scripts – for subtitles

Additional resources:8 – 3Cs A3 Poster 9 – 3Cs Information Card

HIV: Train the Trainer (TtT) pack:10 – Trainer guidance for delivery of HIV slide set

GP staff materials:11 – HIV Training Presentation 3Cs & HIV Programme

Additional resources:12 – HIV Testing FAQ 13 – HIV Testing Poster A3


In Estonia partners from the University of Tartu developed and endorsed the CATTE intervention.

Downloadable resources

Train the Trainer (TtT) pack:In Estonia the English TtT pack was used, apart from the practice recruitment section.

GP staff materials:Estonia GP Pack- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Additional resources:Estonia Poster 297x420mm print


France’s CATTE educational intervention was developed by partners in Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice(Nice University Hospital) and was endorsed by the Département d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Médecine Générale (Department of Training and Research in General Practice/DERMG)

Downloadable resources


In Sweden the CATTE intervention was developed by the University Hospital Örebro.

Downloadable resources

Further information

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is an EU agency which investigates and reports on infectious diseases. It has compiled information on chlamydia in Europe. Their chlamydia topic page can be found here; ECDC chlamydia topic page Key recent reports:

  1. Chlamydia control in Europe: literature review. Stockholm: ECDC; 2014.(pdf)
  2. Chlamydia control in Europe – a survey of Member States. Stockholm: ECDC; 2014 (pdf)